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Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Age of Absurdity - on distinction and conformity.

Currently reading The Age of Absurdity. By Micheal Foley.
"The genius of branding has been to disguise the undesirable conformity of consumption as it's highly desirable opposite, distinction. So conformity is the result of everyone striving for distinction in d same way."
:p hokay, so back to square 1.
"In general, branding continues to flourish, with consumers paying exorbitant prices for what is suppose to distinguish them from the crowd, but only reveals them to be a part of it. Much consumption is driven by the futile attempt to get ahead of the pack or a defensive need to avoid falling too far behind."

And so the crowd goes in a circle, spending even more on stuff they don't need, paying amounts that could have fed the whole orphanage for a week - trying to be ahead of the crowd they are in. The irony.

I hope my not wanting to conform, is not a sign of an unconscious desire to be distinct, but just a sincere want to stay awake and alert, and not be deceived by the glittery illusions of this world. Astaghfirullah. Ameen.

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