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Saturday, September 24, 2011

oh the blunders

I got tickets to the Jamal Abdillah's concert yesterday. But I thought I should give it to someone who would enjoy it more. I gave it to my domestic helper maid, Rus (what is so degrading about the word 'maid' anyway? why DID I think it's degrading? It's degrading as you make it to be. A maid is a female employee employed to help with household chores and that is exactly what it is. Nothing bad about that. Without my maid, my house may be a mess and I owe a lot to her being around. So.. back to the topic)... to Rus and my hubby's aunt, Cik Ita.

But I guess they were not sure how to get to the concert place, so I wanted to send them. Concert would begin at 8pm. So I said we should leave right after our maghrib at home. Hubby wanted to send to, with kids in tow.. so with all the hussle, we left home about 7:27pm

We were asking ourselves, why the concert was done today, it being an F1 weekend in Singapore, surely the place must be crowded and not easy to get to. We planned where hubby should drop Rus, Cik Ita and me, so that I can walk them to the concert place and smoothly and quickly get them to the door, so they wouldn't get lost trying to find the place.

I told hubby we should drop at Raffles City and I'll walk from the underpass to Esplanade. We got down at the hotel side. By that time it was 745pm. I was walking fast as Rus and Cik ita followed quickly behind. We headed to the City hall MRT basement. I know there is walkway to Esplanade from there.

But when we got down, and walking quickly and talking, Rus mentioned that there is a train station at Esplanade itself. Really? Ok then why don't we just take the train there. So I queued up for my train tickets (mind you, this is the first time on a train after a long time). Cik Ita and Rus have their MRT store valued cards. So they had to wait for me while I queued for mine.

After about 2-3 mins, I manage to get my tickets and we went in. We went down the two floors looking for the train to Esplanade. I realise then, that to get to Esplanade we had to change train at Dhoby Ghaut - to the Circle Line. I remembered the very long walk at Dhoby Ghaut, to get from one train line to the other. I told Rus and Cik Ita, that by the time we got to Dhoby Ghaut and walk to Circle Line for the Esplanade train, we would have reached Esplanade if we just walk through the walkway upstairs.

Agreed, we went back up and out, and started walking quickly towards Esplanade. Time check 8:07pm.

When we reach the exit to Esplanade about 8.15pm or so, it was blocked by officers. I asked them how to get to Esplanade because we have a concert to get to. They said the route is blocked, unless we have the F1 pass. He then asked us to try a 'Gate 7' up ahead. We walked further.

It seemed blocked, so we went around upstairs and downstairs trying to find a way to Esplanade. I asked an officer who was standing beside a map, again - how to get to Esplanade. And again, I was asked if I have the F1 pass. "No I don't have an F1 pass, but I do have our concert tickets and it is today, 24th September," I said. I took out the tickets and showed the officer. He read it out. "Yes... 24th September, 8pm, Singapore Indoor Stadium. Hmm.. Ok maybe you can go up here, and walk this way.." pointing to the map beside him.

I realised my biggest blunder then. 'Singapore Indoor Stadium'??? Not Esplanade?? SH*T!

I said, thank you and assured the officer, we'll find our way. I quickly called my husband to tell him of this I told him I'd just take the train to Kallang to meet him there (since I had no idea where he is). As we were walking back towards City Hall MRT station, we saw my hubby and the kids. He asked if there is a station near the Indoor Stadium - I said the nearest I know of is Kallang. He said that that is far, and therefore we should go by car.

We finally got to the place at about 845pm. I saw a 'Stadium' MRT station just beside the Indoor stadium. Pfft Erni.. right. Kallang is the nearest. Anyhow, I walked them to the concert venue door entrance to ensure that they get in correctly, before I felt relieved about leaving them. I hoped that the concert would not end soon.

I felt quite guilty for my blunder and my ignorance about the public transport route, causing them all the unnecessary impromptu brisk walking exercise and the late arrival. When we arrived I heard Jamal singing already. But alhamdulillah, the concert finally ended at 1045pm which was about 2 hrs after they arrived. So, berbaloi jugak lah all the drama.


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