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Thursday, June 02, 2011

social media and socialising

Salam! Peace! Hi!

I'm doing a self experiment. Or maybe it's not really an experiment, it's a sort of fasting. Fasting from social media such as twitter and facebook, where news and loads of information come fast. Faster than you can stop to think and ponder. Some so mundane, some I'd rather not know, some very insightful - but those are very few.

Information overflow. Got to start filtering and processing the good ones. And you can't really do that if you're still being bombarded with information.

I also need to know that I am able to control myself. So, yes, I'm taking a break.

I need to question myself, why I'm doing it in the first place - being active on these social medias, that is. Sometimes, as most times, I forget my objectives.. so I have to step back and reflect. Allow my thoughts to process longer - blogs allow you to process your thoughts longer than the 470 characters on FB, as people tend to do, normally. (I think it's about 470 chars - not verified.). Oh yes, and I don't want to be... 'normal'.

There is a saying - I posted on FB before, and no, I'm not going in there to check.. but it goes something like this.. 'If you find yourself thinking like the masses, it's time to step back and reflect.' So step back and reflect, I shall.

And talking about social media.. I'm reminded of my employer's coming D&D event. It's going to be held at a pub. I don't want to go to anymore D&Ds. I don't understand the point of it. Ok, I'm beginning to not understand the point of a LOT of things that people normally do. I question some things most organisations and companies do. Even the Malay and Muslim organisations - but that's another story.

The thing is.. we need to question our actions more often, man!

Back to the D&D thing, so I was thinking.. if they are giving excuses for the staff to go crazy and embarrass themselves - I don't want that. If they feel they are rewarding the staff like this - it's ok, I'm already grateful. Really. If they want to entertain us - well, I don't agree it's at the expense of another colleague being forced on stage to be embarrassed. What other reasons and objectives can there be? And of course, this time - it's at a pub. Double no, thank you.

Apart from that, by doing this extra activities, they are taking even more of our time away from our personal/family lives! Isn't it enough that I am already facing my dear colleagues 9 waking hours a day, 5 times a week. Why do we need m o r e ?

You know, sometimes, I think it's a case of, the employers thinking that they are doing the employees a favour, and the employees are thinking they are doing the employers a favour by coming, and the whole truth is that almost everyone wish they don't have to organise/come for this event. A case to ponder.

p.s. Family days are okay. My family enjoys the company's family days. My children also... kind of enjoyed.. the day when they came to my workplace to play some games, and get to see our office. It's called -Bring Your Kids To Work Day. They should have more of these kind of healthy social events.

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