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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

chotto matte kudasai

Last night's dream, many people attended. My daughters, my mom and possibly my late grandma and a few of my friends.

Anyway, few scenes I remember from the film dream.

1. My daughters and I.. we were walking at some carpark.. trying to cross over a drain.. or was it a wall? And she was singing "chotto matte kudasai, please excuse me while I cry" and I asked her.."eh you know the song?" and we sang together as we walked..

2. At a long table at a hawker center or maybe canteen.. my mom and possibly my late grandma, seated beside me.. opposite me hazman and another guy. and I saw abdillah and his girlfriend? at the end of the table, then he disappeared, and I said, "eh, abdillah dah jalan.." And then the guy next to hazman turned out to be abdillah and gave the whacca-talking-about look. and then I said.. "masyaAllah, that guy at the end of the table look a LOT like you!".

3. Mai and me, we were at a mosque, I think.. on the 2nd floor beside some stairs. Maybe listening to ceramah.. or maybe doing a shoot? There was a door and hazman is on the other side, sitting at a table (maybe the same table from above.. ) and I was asking him.. can you really come to edit tomorrow? (in the dream tomorrow was Sunday). and he said convincingly, "insyaAllah I boleh turun, kak."

4. I was running from the carpark to meet some friends.. I was late and afraid that they would leave without me. A caucasion woman was there walking her bull dog who looked big and friendly - almost like a cartoon. Suddenly the bull dog was running beside me, together. I stopped on a pathway, by some bushes, hoping it'll go back to it's owner. The bull dog stopped too. It stood on it's two hind legs. looked at the flowers in the middle of the bush and said, "flower".
Surprised, I asked the owner,"Did the dog just say 'flower'?!".
"Yes, in fact he can say a few other words".
"Wow!" I said.

** I read in Harun Yahya's book - Matter : The other name for Illusion - that when we are *so-called awake, we actually see the things around us in our minds/brains. Meaning, we are not really 'seeing' the ACTUAL things around us. The images are formed in our brains and we perceive it from our brains. This is confirmed by scientists in the numerous books quoted. And when we dream, the images are formed in more or less the same way.

Makes me wonder, what the difference is, between being 'awake' and dreaming. In both cases, it's the soul that sees the perceived images. MasyaAllah. 'Awake' is how we perceive ourselves to be on this earth. But in fact, we may all be dreaming. (pfft.. okay i know i'm going too deep, too deep! but hey, it's my blog :p ) ..AND, we will really be awake, and see REALITY, when we die from the life on this earth and in akhirat.

Ya Allah, save us from being consumed with the illusions of this world. Ameen.

"Every soul will taste of death. And ye will be paid on the Day of Resurrection only that which ye have fairly earned. Whoso is removed from the Fire and is made to enter Paradise, he indeed is triumphant. The life of this world is but comfort of illusion.

- Al Quran, Ali Imran 3:185

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