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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

me? make this world a better place?

it's quite a gigantic ambition, for a single person like me. On pondering about it, I think it's a lost cause.. to aim to make the WORLD a better place. Imagine all the citizens of the world becoming honest, sincere, helpful, no more poverty, no more greed and this world will be a better place. Right.. I can't imagine.

I can't even imagine a small organisation with no more backstabbing, bad envy, jealousy, greed for power or greed for money. If we can achieve this - that is BIG! masyaAllah.

But what I am sure of is that we can change ourselves, and perhaps 1-2 people who are somehow affected by our actions or words - some we know and some we don't. So when we say 'make the 'world' a better place - I guess, we are referring to the 'world' in the changed person's view. Okay, as I wrote that, I recall all the killings and the horrible things leaders and people do that comes out in the paper It's depressing! Haih.. okay, erase those thoughts. Look forward - to what we can achieve in Hereafter. Focus on the good we, ourselves, can do to help us, and our loved ones achieve. To help whoever we can help, that is within our means. Must remember, it's the niat, and the action - not the outcome. Outcome is in God's hands.

Right.. let's make this 'world' a better place.

*rambling thoughts * unplugged*

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