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Friday, June 03, 2011

NURteensLine - 9777 7687

Today, I read a piece of sad news (if the link doesn't work, the image is below) in the papers about a newly born baby with umblical cord still attached, allegedly being thrown from a high floor. My first reaction would be to curse and swear that person and liken him/her to.. no.. degrade him/her lower than animals. But on 4th to 5th thought, you know what.. may God give guidance to the person who did this. :'(

GIRLS. The first order of today's post is to say - treasure yourself and your body. They are precious and are not free for anyone who is not legally binded to be responsible, and to look after your welfare (marriage).

However, if you had a weak moment and the boy/man have managed to talk you into letting him have fun with your body, and you find yourself pregnant - have a heart and do not throw the innocent baby's life away in rubbish bins or from a high floor. Imagine being dumped like that when you were a baby.

There are a LOT of married couples out there, wanting children but cannot have one. They would gladly adopt that baby and raise them.

What to do if you or you know of someone who is pregnant out of wedlock? In Singapore, you/or you can advise them to call or SMS the NURteensLine - 9777 7687

Actually you can also call that line for other youth/teen related problems you may face, and you need to find someone reliable to talk to, other than Allah SWT.

Click on the image to read a larger version.

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