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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what happened last night

Last night, I was awaken from my sleep, after midnight by my stomach spasms. It was quite painful. I even considered going to the 24hr clinic.. but decided to wait till morn, which was a very long time, since I cannot sleep properly, thanks to the every now and then spasms.

I even dreamt about the pain and in the dream, I was with my mom at some kind of hospital. I was suppose to accompany her and I asked an agitated nurse which doc I should see for my stomach problem. And she said.. on the same floor, but I told her, ok I'll send my mom first.. and we went on this lift, where you can see outside, and it went to the top most floor like 10th or 12th, then suddenly the lift went sideways and around the building and through staircases - it was like a mild roller coaster and I enjoyed it very much. We ended up in a big hall of an old building that looks like a library, and I like the place a lot, and then I was awoken by another stomach spasm.

Finally it was morning and I woke up groggy and weak. Took me 2 hours to psych myself up, to get up.. bath... get ready.. GO TO THE DOCTOR.

Dr Masayu in Clementi is good - she always explain to me in detail, showing me the chart of the human anatomy to explain exactly what's wrong with me. And she's quite quick.

I just told her I had this pain that comes and goes around 'here'(showing her my upper abdomen) and she immediately asked if I took anything spicy last night. Well, I did.. I ate the black pepper chicken. She says it's acidic and some combinations make it more acidic.. then I remembered that I drank orange juice with that. 'Ah-ha she says - that's the culprit.. these 2 combinations".. plus I went to sleep not long after - so the acidic stuff, didn't have time to travel down my digestive system, and got stuck there (I forgot the name of that place in my tummy) - causing it to react as it did.

So, now I have to stay off spicy food for at least 2-3 days, to allow that area to heal - cause there's probably a bit of ulcer there already.

Then I told her about the sudden dryness on a part of my face.. she felt it and asked.. if I had applied anything new to the face.. or ada perfume ke.. then I remembered that, YES, I accidentally sprayed perfume to that area two days before. So she said, the facial skin is the thinnest and most sensitive compared to other parts of the body - so.. it reacts like that. Just apply moisturizer.

See, she's quick. I like.
And I get MC for today.

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