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Monday, December 14, 2009

getting what we don't need

Can we not have basic electronic products as prizes? Unless it's luxury products..maybe.. but even then..

Basically, if it's basic and required, people would have gone out to buy it themselves and not wait for events. Plus they would want to choose one that fits their requirements best - e.g. size of rice cooker, functions of microwave ovens... It's better to provide cash vouchers instead - so that people can use it to get what they really NEED.

Grocery vouchers are are also good - cause that is definitely required every month - and it's really a relief to get some, which means more balance cash for something else.

Isn't it funny that people who can afford things, are getting all those stuff that we can do without- as prizes or gifts, such as electronic products, trophies (I hate them, dust collector), golf bags, mugs, cups, bags, pen, pencils, colour pencils. I wish I can collect them all and send it to places where they TRULY need them - not in Singapore I think.

I wish I can bring all those mugs and glasses I have and give them to those living in slums in Indonesia - so that they have something nice to drink in.. (but... do they even have clean water to drink? would drinking dirty water in nice cups make them feel better? :( )

:( don't mean to complain.. just a bit tired with all these wastes, just because we don't think that far before we get these things and give them to people who won't need them.

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