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Sunday, December 13, 2009

the quest to go up petronas tower

And so, we were in KL for a few days and me, for almost a week. KL sakan, I say. I stayed there until I didn't feel like I have to be peeled from the place.. I was ready to go back home by the 6th day, cause by then it's like 'been there, done that'

Went with Leen.. (and takde photo together eh??) for Teater Natrah on Monday - not bad - shown from the 3 perspectives - Natrah, the real mother and the foster mother. Acting is good. blunders handled well, and leen was excited over Remy Iskandar..who I learnt, is an actor from Nur Kasih.

Oh and did I tell you.. people in Malaysia and Singapore are all 'crazy' about NurKasih - including 2 girls from there who I wouldn't imagine, watching a malay drama. I didn't know it was so big..they should have a Nur-Fan and Nur-Mum and all that.. :p

A nice surprise for me, was to see Dr Siti Hasmah in person - she was in the audience. No, Tun Chedet was not there.. and I didn't get the opportunity to have a photo taken with her.. not with all the bodyguards around. :p

Oh, Leen convinced me to go to Masjid India and I survived and I actually bought some kain, which I don't know when I'll send to the tailor and which tailor. I hope it will not stay in the closet that long. However, when she said she wants to go again to Masjid India, I..... just couldn't. :p

I got to catch up with a few good sistas in KL.. and the family joined me on Wednesday. Then it was all rides and more rides.. Sunway Lagoon, Cosmos, movies, Subway etc. It was Hanaa's first time, to be able to ride on the roller coaster (she passed the height limit) - and she was all excited and I had to go on the roller coaster TWICE in a row.

Then on the last day, Saturday, the far-fetched plan was to wake up EARLY and go to KLCC to pick the tix to go up petronas tower, which after so many times we've been in KL, we have never succeeded to do. The official website says that they release the tix from 830am onwards and other sites say it's usually gone by 11am. So when we were all ready by 10am.. I thought.. MAYBE..there's hope.

Then, when we about to leave, hubby found out that he misplaced his Thule keys, and now we can't pack our bags into the car. He spent 3 hours settling the issue and I was in the room, thanking God that it wasn't me who lost the keys - because I think I handle other people's mistakes better (provided i'm not having pms). So, again we failed in our mission to go up the Petronas Towers.

But we had fun anyway, as always. :p


Yara said...

Take heart Erni....I too have not been up the tower yet...perhaps one day bila ada rezeki, InsyaAllah =)

madame blossom said...

insyaAllah :p