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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i want to write

I read of people writing volumes of books, taking a whole year to finish a book..and I really admire them.. why can't I just sit down and write every night?

But what do I write about? Even though I may read fictions like Time Traveller's wife aaaaand.............. Da Vinci Code aaaand.......... Is there Anyone out there (or something to that effect) and I enjoyed these books, I don't think I want to write a fiction.

Well, Da Vinci Code is quite okay because it deals with some historical facts so there are some historical lessons to learn there.. Time Traveller's wife.......well, it really provoked my thoughts about life and time, end of time, meaning of time.. what life and time is all about. And 'Is there anyone out there' is really by accident - it was an exchange with my cousin cause she wants to borrow my book and so I thought.. whatdeheck..just read.. and I liked the story. Oh yes, the Kite Runner.. but that was also quite educational, cause you learn about how they live there, the struggles they go through..

Ok, so IF I write something fiction - it has to give some value (not just pure entertainment and definitely not to create unrealistic expectations of others, through unrealistic romantic stories and made up struggles-with-major-accomplishments e.g like twilight and harry porter and even that 'Is there anyone there' even though it's nice.)

But what I REALLY enjoy is non-fiction... books like Fabric of the Cosmos, Road to Mecca, Angela's Ashes, A Year of Living Biblically etc etc..- I mean, these are REAL stories, REAL stuff.. and even if you get engrossed in it.. it's something REAL y'know.. it makes you think about how we live our life, it affects the decisions we make, and how we affect the lives of others. It makes us understand ourselves better, it creates empathy.

IF I write, I want to write books that will give that kind of benefit to the readers. I do not want, yes I'm repeating, to drag readers into unrealistic visions and expectations. No, no, no, nothing feculent.

...IF I write... I should change that to.. 'When I write..' but.. I'm not that strong enough yet.. not that confident and diligent to start.. and I can't even decide on something to write about. I AM working on something right now, but it's not a story.. why don't I go see if I can even finish THAT first, before I waste my time further on talking about writing a book. pfft.

Right. Shut up erni, and just do it.

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