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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the thing about packing/moving

"I think we should start packing already".  
We have been saying this for a few weeks now.   But we haven't start.

Dadha also asked about 2 weeks ago, "Have you started packing?  or are you going to call us all down to help pack, when it's time to move?"
I told her I'll call them down.  I was a quarter serious. Still considering.

But I HAVE made progress.  I have put up a list of big stuff to bring over and exactly where to place them, in the new house.  The big stuff are easier.

It's the small, tiny stuff that is the headache.   Things like clothes, toys, books, DVD/VCD/CDROMs, stationaries, kitchen utensils, pots and pans.  
Hmm..that's about it... the small stuff list. Doesn't look that bad.   Did I miss anything out?

I've been thinking about the process of packing and moving.

The thing is, you can't do it too early.. like clothes, utensils.. - kan.. we will still be using it till the day before we move?  So THOSE, will still have to be done at the last minute.. perhaps the day before we move.  Of course some stuff like books and toys can be packed earlier.

The packing itself is quite simple.  It's just taking those stuff you are suppose to bring, and placing it in the boxes.  How difficult can that be?

The tricky part is, organising which box to place what in, naming the boxes properly, so that we can easily instruct the movers, in which rooms to place the named boxes, AND not lose stuff.

The time consuming part is.. making decisions.  Deciding what to bring, what to throw, or who to give stuff to.

So this time consuming part, is the one that we need to tackle from NOW.

Yeap.. I should start on that soon.est.



Mrs Beki said...

ooooh I feel you. I've moved once and that's IT!! Having a new home is nice, but the packing...arrrggghhh....

Good luck on your packing sis!! :)

hAiRiL/spiderman_pink said...

are you bringing over your king sized bed? =D

madame blossom said...

mrs beki,

heh.. thanks. I am so determined to make this as smooth and as organised as possible. Let's see....

eh.. how u know i got king size bed? haha.. anyway - nope.. we are downgrading to a queen size bed, for more space.

hAiRiL/spiderman_pink said...

wild guess. your husband has the "king" aura. haha

im actually looking for a bigger bed. but i thought king size would be gigantic too for my small room =D

madame blossom said...


bigger bed? for one person or two? :p

For me now, I'm more concerned about having more space.. plus, I'm small - so I shud be comfortable with queen size. If my room's bigger - I sure don't mind having king size bed - save duit bedsheets.

hAiRiL/spiderman_pink said...

for two lah *koffkoff* but ofkos not yet *takkanlahtakjemputsehhuhu* cuma nak siapkan untuk masa akan datang. bedek ar kalau siapa cakap dia tanak kahwin kan =D

Anonymous said...

PACKING.....Hate it!!!!! Been moving few times, I tell you some of the things I packed few years back are still in the storeroom! anyway, all the best to you ;)

madame blossom said...