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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

being green

The company has sent out an email to all staff, about the Green Transport Day campaign, which is to take place this Thursday. We have been asked to confirm our participation by clicking on one of the two buttons provided. For staff who usually come by car - "Yes, I will take Green transport!", and for those who normally commute by public transport - "Yes! I'm a Green commuter!"

Since I am driving, that leaves me with only one choice - "Yes, I will take Green transport!"........... Believe me, I have been hovering my mouse over that button for the longest time, but I have not been able to click it just yet. I have been trying to convince myself to participate. BUT what if I'm late that day?? ..and I usually am . And what a drag, to think of rushing to board the company bus, alighting at the crowded train station, squeezing into the train, spending 1.5 hours just to reach home, when I can reach home in approximately 20 mins, by car.

I know I sound selfish. :( But shoots.. what's the point of taking 'green' transport for one day and driving for the rest of the 364 days??

I'll be green in other ways. I think I AM being green in other ways :
- I do not waste paper - I think 10 times before printing anything. In fact i hardly ever print anything - I prefer softcopies.
- I re-use envelopes - especially those new ones sent by tree-killer banks who send LOADS of waste paper asking people to get into debt or more debt.
- Whenever I remember, or when it's not too late, I refuse plastic bags from shops.
- I have been conscious about energy usage at home. I didn't turn on the lampu lap lip last Raya in a bid to save energy. When equipments are not in use I switch off the main points, rather than have it on standby. I switch off lights in empty rooms.
- and...come to think it, other than the trip to work and from work - I DO try to cut down on using my own transport. I try to avoid having to travel long distances to meet friends (especially when petrol prices are increasing). AND I use unleaded petrol.

About Thursday, I am still trying to convince myself. Though on the other hand, I am also justifying the point of my actually doing it, IF I do it. Just like, what is the point of having a 'dinner with your family campaign - ONE day out of 365 days?? So, I still cannot click on that button just yet, or else I'll have to paint my car green, in order not to be lying.

BUT insyaAllah, I pledge to be green in most other ways, 365 days, consistently.




Pak Tuo said...

Salam Blossom& Family,

can you imagine,this old world population I think is about come to close 2 billion.
Can't someone comes out with an idea or rather invent a car which run of water!

Jes a thought thickel my dear.Hows the family?

madame blossom said...

wkumsalam pak tuo..

u mean submarine eh? :D

family is fine.. alhamdulillah. Hope yours is too.