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Sunday, June 01, 2008

for my wife

After almost a whole day being away for golf, he was having dinner with the family.

he : for your info, just now, my friend asked me to play golf tomorrow. he said, 'it's free, you just come and play'. Then I told him no, tomorrow is for my wife.

she : awwhh.. you said that? that's so sweeet.


he : well.. actually.... those were not my exact words to him lah..

she : oh? then how did you tell him?

he : i said to him.. 'kau nak mampus?!!'


Anonymous said...

Errr .. u referring to abg uda?
so cute! Hahah .. But glad enough, its the thought that counts ..

Mrs Beki said...

Salam...I was laughing hard reading this entry. Reminded me of my Hubby's conversation with his boss. He was asked to do overtime on one weekend, he refused saying that weekend is specially for his wife!!

Kita sukeeeeeee bila dgr mcm tu... :-D

hAiRiL/spiderman_pink said...

"kau nak mampus?!!"

kah kah kah

TrioMommy said...

hahahahahaha! *lepakz*

ketawa sendiri i baca. *kekekeke*

i guess it's a universal thingy, eh? baik diorang, baik kiter, sikit sebanyak sure will say like that one, in one time or another.

i can't imagine his face while saying that. i would have felt kembang of course. *hehehe*

Sue said...

hhmmm ,mine dah kurang sikit activity dia.kalau tidak,pagi minggu cycling, petang minggu main bola...malam tengok bola! My blood straight go upstairs! Bila, kita tunjuk perasaan baru tau panik!

madame blossom said...


yes dear. I thought that too.

mrs beki,
:D alhamdulillah lah eh.. we have thoughtful husbands.


.. but of course he said it, to a close friend lah.. maybe a reflex answer.

i guess these guys, we can't really and shouldn't hold them down.. yang important tu.. we must fill our own time with useful activities too - jadi kita tak dependent on them.

AM said...

hahaha! best best!