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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

getting what you're NOT looking for

On saturday, we went out with the intention to get dining table lights for the new house.  We spent almost half a day going in and out of light shops, looking for a suitable one.  We did not manage to find any.  Instead, at the end of that shopping trip, we ended up in a mattress shop, confirming our set of mattresses.

Then on sunday, we went out again to look for the dining table lights.  
At the end of that day's shopping trip, we were in a furniture shop, confirming the dining table instead.  And I'm tired.

Perhaps, this weekend we should go out looking for a couch or something - and hopefully we'll end up getting the dining table lights at last.

Blossom's Law on furniture shopping.



Anonymous said...

yeah sis, your law makes sense ..

hehe, its norm to eventually settle down for something that is not in your mind at the initial point.

madame blossom said...


heh. a silly law.