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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Suicide note

Last few months Leen gifted me a book "Mind at Peace".  These are writings by Muslim mental health patients who have recovered or are recovering.
Although one has recovered, there is still a chance of relapse.
It was an eye-opening book.  For these patients, the major anecdote to their conditions have been the Words of God, remembrance of God and knowing God.
The other day, I met with Leen again, with Nuryn and Saleha.  This time Saleha gave me a book titled ,"Aku Nabi Isa" (I am Prophet Jesus). It's another book about mental illness, this time written by a Muslim psychiatrist.  At the rate my sisters are giving me books on mental health, people may think I have some mental issues - I don't.   I think I don't.
The first topic in this book is suicide. Which is the main intended subject of this post.
I just wanted to note that, it's no wonder that suicide is a very big sin. For one to commit suicide, one must have lost all hope in life, and their faith in God.
There is an ayat in the Quran, in surah Yusuf that man translates to "... and never give up hope of Allah's Soothing Mercy: truly no one despairs of Allah's Soothing Mercy, except those who have no faith." (12:87).
For Muslims who read, ponder and practise the advice given in the Quran, they'll understand that :
1. This life is a test.
2. You'll not be tested with more than that you can bear.
3. In everything that happens to us, there is a hikmah (a good reason with good outcome, a blessing if you persevere). The hikmah may be apparent and realised soon, or much later in life, or you may not realise it at all, if you are not observant and grateful.
4. As a Muslim, trusting God and His plans, leaving the outcome to Him after putting our effort, is essential. Muslims would be familiar with "tawakkaltu 3alallaah" -  In God I put my trust.
5. We are not alone, especially when in suffering, God hears our calls.  God is closer to us than our jugular veins.
If a practising Muslim reminds himself of these things constantly, it will anchor in his heart and even if suicide crosses their mind, they will quickly remind themselves of the purpose of our lives and that God is always with us.
This is the best we can do, and still, Allaah has power over all things.
Don't lose faith, have hope. 
Darks days are moments, dark thoughts appear in moments, and moments will pass. 
Even suicidal thoughts appear in moments, hang on for a while and let those moments pass.
Put your trust in God.

p.s. Even practising Muslims, may in the spur of the moment, while in despair, forget about Allaah's mercy.  That's where reading back, or reminders from good sincere friends come in handy.   May we be under Allaah's care and guidance always.

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