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Saturday, November 12, 2016

PHANTOM DETECTIVE Trailer (Action - South Korea, 2016)

I actually LIKE this action movie. Screenplay is good - quite a genius, especially on the quick thinking process of the detective... masyaaAllaah. Cinematography is good. I'm also impressed by some of the scene arrangements. The phase not too fast, not too slow.

There is NO love story. And not many of the common traits of Korean dramas - totally no kissing scene, backhugging, piggyback-ing, soju drinking, hidden mistress child, handsome chaebol guy, eating ramen almost every other day - ok there was a scene where they were eating jajangmyeon.

Other than that, it's just pure detective story and cute children.

For me, this is much much better than American detective movies. Must watch.

p.s. This is my personal opinion, I hope I am not overrating it for you all. :)

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