Madame Blossom's Book of Poems

Monday, March 16, 2015

An interesting word

I was at the Nuts and Dried Fruits stall,  looking at the varieties offered - $3.90 for every 100 grams.  There were also various kinds of cashew nuts available, honey coated cashews, roasted cashew, and about 3-4 others,  And then I saw dried cranberries, and I love to eat cranberries with roasted cashew together.  I wondered if I can buy them mixed, since both of them cost the same.  So I asked the seller, "Can I mix them up?"

"Yes mixed."
" 'Hanchegem' 'hanchegem' can mix.. not 'hanchegem' cannot mix. "

It sounded like some Korean word.  What does it mean? Was it like coated non coated?  Interested, I asked,

"What is... 'hanchegem'?"

"Hanchegem,  then like two hanchegem.. then can mix."

About 2 seconds later I realised what it means.

'Aah.. hundred grams.. ok ok. "

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