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Thursday, March 05, 2015

a tribute for her

It's been a long long time since I've called her by name.   Now that she's going soon.. I've reminiscing those times I've spent with her.  I found myself, opening my blog and looking for posts about Blossmobile. :p

"Harta dunia.. harta dunia" - I reminded myself.   We first used this term when we were in Makkah.  We notice that most drivers there drive like there is no one else on the road.  And they don't care if their car is scratched or even if windscreen is cracked.    In Singapore, when we get into a mini-tiny accident.. just a bit of scratch.. drivers get out of their cars, causing a major traffic jam during peak hours, to discuss the 5cm scratch on their cars.

So we figured - these drivers in Makkah, they are Muslims right.. so their take on their worldly belongings, like their cars.. must not be as serious and precious as the Singaporeans.  To them, this must be merely 'harta dunia' (just a worldly belonging).

After I got back from Makkah, I too began not to feel too attached to material belongings, little by little.  The car too, I'm not over sensitive about the car - especially after moving to JB, when you have to sometimes miraculously squeeze between cars to get to the Customs booth on some mornings or evenings.  These days it's much better alhamdulillaah.

Blossmobile has a few dents and scratches that does not bother me AT ALL - alhamdulilaah.
In fact there was once, when there was a knock - I moved too close for comfort. I thought I hit the car very light.  There were no visible scratches or dents on the car in front.  We moved on and I forgot about the case.   Then in the evening, at home, my husband was the one to noticed the car and asked so surprisingly, 'What happened to your car?!'  By then I had totally forgotten about it, so I asked him back.. 'why? what happened?'.

"Why?!?!?!  there is a big dent in front!"

I was surprised to see the big dent too.  I didn't realise it was like that.  At that time, I thought I'd just draw a bandage and write 'Ouch' near the dent - but of course I didn't. Anyhow.. the next time we went to service my car, we had it knocked back in shape.  Now it's as good as not so new.

Blossmobile has served me well over the last 9 years plus. Masyaa Allaah, Alhamdulillaah.   If it's not for the stupid COE system in Singapore - I would have kept that car until I die (illa masyaa Allaah)

My husband's car's COE is ending this month.  Now that we can only afford one car for the family, we surely need to get a bigger car than Blossmobile.   So I'll have to let her go too, even though she has 10 more months to the end of her COE term.

I'm suppose to let her go by next Monday in exchange for the bigger 2nd hand vehicle.  But I asked my husband to negotiate with the dealer, to let me keep her for 2 weeks more - until the last day before hubby's car's COE expires.  At least until then, we'll still have the 2 cars.   Insyaa Allaah.

May it be a good 2 weeks.  Aamiin.

Update : I'm holding on to her for another 10 months insyaa allaah.  Until the end of her COE term.

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