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Sunday, March 02, 2014

let it flow

Subhanallah this life.  Push and pull.

You can let yourself be.. or.. I'm really talking about myself here.. maybe not the others.. just me.  I can let myself be dragged into my own world, as in, away from the issues of the day - especially when I see endless debates, each wanting to only win.. not to learn.  issues of the ummah.

And then I went to watch a Korean movie. Ya, I did.  And masyaa Allah.. what a GOOD movie! It's been quite a while since I thought that way about a movie.  Maybe it's because I've never been at this age before, in this situation before, wiser(?) as of now than before - anyhow it moved my emotions a lot and reminded me that while we think about problems of the ummah, and you worry so much about wanting to change the mindset of these people to what WE THINK is right.. not necessarily right - still these are individuals have their very own issues.  And their issues and their situations are real.  Maybe a big challenge. Their very own situation - and no posting or comment is going to change the ummah as a whole.  I think that's what we're expecting when we voice out our concerns to a group.

It may change a person though - only if the whole situation fits.  Only if Allah permits.

Maybe I'm just taking a break.  Group debates are so far, seriously pointless.  Makes me tired. Mentally tired.

What I can do now is make my own individual effort.  Starting with trying to make myself a better person, in all sense. :P  hah..easy to say.  Start somewhere.  Start with a doa.

Allah guides whom He wills.  Ya Allah, guide me.


snow_bear said...
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Soum said...

i just started reading your posts..lot of things chould have help me a lot before.anyway i will still continue reading..keep writing.

Soum said...
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joy said...
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