Madame Blossom's Book of Poems

Monday, March 31, 2014

kalau tak bermakna

Perkara kalau tak bermakna, tak payah buat.
Objective, objective, objective.  What is the objective?

Why upon why upon why.  The final answer should always lead to.. 'lillah' For God, i.e. to please God.

But there are too many people and companies and organisations who do things without knowing why and without knowing the most basic objectives - some don't even know the objectives.  Most don't measure if the objectives are actually being met.

Me. I need to ask myself that, over and over again too.   Sometimes we start off with the correct intention, and then we forget our basic intention along the way, while in the midst of excitement of carrying them out.
So I need to constantly ask myself, what my truest objective is.

If I lose the objective, or have no final objective that is lillah - then there is no point to doing it.

It's not easy to determine between sincerity and ulterior motives of the nafs. 


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