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Friday, August 23, 2013

Work and play (personal time)

An excerpt from 'Vital Lies, Simple Truths' by Daniel Goleman.

"In traditional societies, work and leisure are integrated. Buyer and seller linger over coffee before beginning to haggle; when friends come by, work can be dropped to socialize. The frame o work as we know it (now) is a peculiarity of modern society. It was the British mill owners of the seventeenth and eighteenth centruries who by and large invented our frame for a workday. Even in the early eighteenth century in Britain work offered a high degree of flexibility and independence; whether farmer or trandeman, most people worked at home. Work rhythms by and large went in cycles of intense labor broken by idle, free time." page 203

Yes, I would love to break away from the current frame. I wish to go back to the old frame where life is about personal time is family, self, work all jumbled together is needed - not defined strictly as now, with no access to other roles when we are playing the role or a worker. It's unnatural.

It is actually a cruel expectation - to have the mother stay in the workplace finishing a piece of work, even when her husband or child is sick at home. Or worse, to forget the duties to God, because of minor work commitments.

God help me achieve it. Aamiin.

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Al-Manar said...

Get someone you trust to listen to your woes. It does help to open the bottle top to let out the fizzing bubbles. I encourage my children to do that. Often they turn to their old dad, at times by emails, written in the middle of the night, seeking solace. You may not be abe to say much in a blog, very likely not the issues most pertinant but sensitive.

Am I trying to be a smart Alex?