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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Greedy Singtel

When you first sign up with Singtel or renew your contract you are forced to accept some services that you don't even want, like Reuters and aAmped.   When I informed that at the point of subscription, they said it's compulsory and they cannot do anything.  Can some additional services be compulsory, and you have to pay for it?!? even if it's about 30 cents per month, I'm not letting them steal my money like that.

You can call 1688 to unsubscribe and refuse to pay the charges. 

All this is happening because of greed.  Or they have manipulated the word and call it 'growth'.   If there is a need for CONSTANT growth in profit, OF COURSE, they'll resort to unscrupulous way of making more and more money - like decreasing 12GB per month data plan to only 2GB.  Then charging $5 if you exceed for every MB.  Next month onwards increase to $10 if you exceed.   All these for no extra work, just making extra money to feed the filthy rich major shareholders.

So I'd rather donate my 30 cents to the poor than give it to Singtel. NO THANK YOU.

In fact. shoots.. I should have changed carrier. will wait out this stupid contract and insyaa Allah change carrier.

Their coverage is also not that good at my house in Singapore. Arrgh. GREEDY SINGTEL! 
Stealing my money subtly with your services.


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Al-Manar said...

No it is not just Singtel. We are being fleeced here. And in my part of the world I experience service interruption every month. Take-it-or- leave-it attitude is everywhere when one party is given the right to monopolise. Pay a bit more and you have better service. So they say!

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