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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Seeing is no longer necessarily believing.

Seeing is no longer necessarily believing, especially when seen on the screen. Only seeing with your own eyes, in person can more safely constitute believing. Why?

The news as most of us are learning now, is most times political. What is reported in the News, or everything on TV for that matter, is in accordance to the agenda of the ruling party - whoever that may be. The TV company owner(s) or the government. The images chosen to be shown on TV would of course support their agenda.

Example, depending on the motives, a TV crew be asked to find a corner that looks normal to shoot an interview in a house that is mostly run-down - and all audience will see is that, the interviewee is in an acceptable condition place.

Or, artistes are most of the time, seen on TV - happy, contented and living a life that's out of this world. Behind the screen, just few seconds before the shoot, they may be shouting at someone or sad over something and audience don't see those.

If people spend too much time learning what's on the screen, they loose their sense of what reality is, what matters more in life, the real problems and issues, and always feel that their life is inadequate - for they can never match the images of their favourite artistes that is appearing on the screens.

Even 'Reality TV' is not real. Producers show what they want to show or may even coax participants to act in a certain way or say certain things to create 'drama' or make the episode more interesting.

As such, seeing is no longer believing, especially when seen on screen. Nothing beats experiencing a situation, or a place or someone, in person.

We need to go out to see and to live.

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