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Monday, October 03, 2011

Fate 'R Us.

Whatever we are fated with, is a test for us. God's tests come in different forms and intensity - for each one of us - all of it, we will have the capacity to bear (as God has promised). A favourable result from these tests, is that we come out of it, a stronger and better person (in various ways) - it depends on how we choose to face it.

God may test us with loss of goods, health, loved ones to see - Are we patient? Do we persevere?
Then God may test others with great knowledge or fame or wealth - Are they thankful? Do they forget God? Do they forget their duty to give back to the community? Are they arrogant?

A person may also choose to blame fate (whatever his fate may be) for everything that he is grouchy about. I believe that if a grouchy person becomes wealthy, he will only be a wealthy grouchy person (still).

I saw a video on Youtube about Poverty in America - and it strengthens my belief that everything happens with a hikmah. Although I cried at their plight, the children and their parents - the pain they had to go through - I was very relieved/happy/glad/proud to learn that these experiences have made these kids appreciate life, their parents, other people. They become more matured and are more sensitive towards others. A young girl says, when she grows up, she will definitely (insyaAllah), help others like her cause she now knows what it's like to be poor and hungry.

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