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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I don't know.

Truely, I do not know much.

Most of my blabbering on this blog or on FB or wherever, is just about things that goes through my head.
Are my views right? Maybe. Maybe NOT. Allahu'alam.

Because as you and I know, everything happens for a reason.
Sometimes we plan and do all we can to achieve success and a good thing, but failure or bad things greet us instead - still it could be a hikmah. We learn much better through falls and failures, rather than constant success and praises.

Falls & failures & heartbreaks will only make you stronger and better - if you allow yourself to be, insyaAllah.

And that reminds me of something Babur the Emperor said (as I read in The Places in Between).

Every good and evil that exists
If you mark it well is for a blessing.

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