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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

yesterday a doctor, today a teacher

Yesterday I was writing down scribbling down notes, as my colleague replied to my questions about her system requirements. As I was writing, I went like 'o-o-okay, so what is the other event where you require this alert?'.
She answered and I took that down as I said..'ok, and what about... ". As I was scribbling and replying, momentarily I felt like I'm a doctor.

But.. ok yeah right.

Today, I chatted with my good friend over whatsapp, giving my 2-cents worth about the situation she was in. At the end of the conversation, she said she was summarising the conversation. When she said that, I suddenly felt like I'm a teacher/lecturer.

These 3-secs-feeling-like-you're-someone-else was quite fun. It's like being in their shoes for 3 secs.

But then again, about the teacher/lecturer part.. it COULD mean that I was talking too much. :-|

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