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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Words - are meant to speak the truth

I wanted to put some study figures (made up e.g. 7 out of 10 people blah blah) for the bonding video.. then i realise, based on my own experience as a general audience, those numbers/words - when people hear/see it, it's just like trivia. We don't really take any action upon seeing most of those kind of figures. Secondly.. I don't know if I really trust those numbers that I find on the internet. And I'd like to avoid putting something that I don't really believe in myself.

which reminds me of another thing - A Hamza Yusuf video on Poetry that I saw, it's wonderful. He spoke about the poets. He said, in the Quran, Allah divides the poets into two types. Those who weave words, based on the highest bidder. and those who speaks the truth. The one based on the highest bidder - they make up words that people want to hear or pay them to do. Then there are those who speaks what's in their heart, they speak the truth.

He said.. WORDS, are meant to speak the truth. masyaAllah. Its something I'll keep close to my heart and will try to live by as much as I can, for every single word expressed. InsyaAllah. How overwhelming our life is.
How overwhelming God is. Subhanallah.

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