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Friday, July 01, 2011

Missing the Gorilla

How many times must I be surprised? Or maybe I'm not really surprised. I'm just glad and proud each time, some 'scientific' studies goes to prove the relevance and need of some of God's written rules.

Latest one that I came across is the need for 4 eye witnesses to prove lewd activities against someone. Apparently, as written in the book that I'm reading now - 'The Invisible Gorilla' (by Christopher Chabris & Daniel Simons) - it is in fact natural and common for a man to 'falsely' see things. Even two person can 'witness' and remember differently, missing important points, although they are both there seeing the same event at the same time, from the same place!

The same has been proven personally to me, when one day, both my husband and my younger daughter, 'vividly' remembered seeing me on my bed in the afternoon, checking my iphone. My daughter even 'recalled' what she saw on my iphone screen. The fact is, the whole day that day, my iphone was dead and I was actually reading a book. They didn't believe me when I told them that.

Subhanallah. How Allah knows his creations best.

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