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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the day after shooting my first short film

Firstly, as I have mentioned, I feel so grateful, alhamdulillah, to be equipped with such passionate, hardworking and fun crew and casts. Having a good and accomodating Director of Photography - DOP
was also helped me a lot. Then there's the detailed Art Director cum Make up Artist, the lighting and sound guys, all the other production assistants, the still photographer, and of course, the
experienced casts. I love them all.

But surely, it's not perfect lah. Nothing is. There is still SO MUCH room for improvements on my part. There were quite a few things to ensure and see, that I think I didn't pay enough attention to
how I want the whole story to feel. I forgot some details that I've thought of when writing the story and imagining it. At some point, I concentrated on each scene only, not thinking about the

I think a monitor to allow me to have a good view at the look of each scene would have helped more. I did bring, but didn't have the correct cable - Duh!.

But all is not lost, yet. A lot can be done during post-production. My teacher said that a movie or film is not made when we're doing the shoot. Those are all collection of materials. A movie is
actually being made during post production. This is the most important part. So shooting is like you going to the supermarket to get your ingredients, and the post-production is you're actually
making and baking the cake. Of course, shooting is also important, I mean you cannot get just ANY ingredient - it has to be of good quality also.... you get the picture. So..

I think I'm going to spend more time on post production. I should.

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Mak Su said...

wow!! hebat!! :)