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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The two ends of pricing.. in this crazy western influenced world

On pushing for free softwares and such, I don't think the idea and aim should be to give away things/services for free. If so, how can companies cover back R&D costs, operating costs and gratification costs (a.k.a. profit)? It should basically be, to provide the BEST products and services you can provide and at a reasonable price that would cover your costs and efforts.

On the other hand, companies who charge exorbitantly for their goods (read Western branded bags and clothes) should not be supported. I mean c'mon.. you work your *** off for that money.. and you're going to give it just like that to Louis Vuitton? For heaven's sake, the guy is old and filthy rich already! Go get a good pretty bag from your local brand instead. They are just as good and lasting. Let the filthy rich donate to the filthy rich.

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