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Thursday, April 15, 2010

do you wanna p?

"D'ya wanna pee?"
"Do you wanna pee?"
"Do you want to pee?"
"Oh.. err..ok"

This was overheard at work, not in school. Quite cute.. but not cool.

She could have said.. 'Do you want to go to the ladies with me?' ... hmm.. ok maybe not. That might give 'another' kind of impression in this upside down crazy world. Or maybe she can say, 'I'm going to the ladies, you wanna.. join me ... come also...go too?'

Why am i even blogging about this.

Oh! 515! time to go home!


| nur hafizah | said...

this entry is terribly cute.
and im much glad to be commenting here at your blog again sis, after quite some time.

madame blossom said...

hi babe. ;p yeah man.. kat sini dah collect abuk sikit..