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Monday, July 06, 2009

thoughts - in less than 140 chars

My thoughts, they seem to be generated in the form of less than 140 characters - ever since I start to update my status in twitter -> facebook. FB allows more than 140 - but I update in twitter - because that is like killing 2 (to 3) birds with one stone. (no pun intended for twitter).

And that can be good for some updates.. but I feel like it's beginning to have a negative effect on me. I'm not thinking more. My thoughts are often short and very loose. And in the end, I feel like I have not thought much about anything much. But we need to ponder and linger more over a thought - especially an important one, or an inspiring one.

Yes, I need to get back to blogging, to train my mind to think more deeply about stuff.

That's not to say I won't tweet anymore.. but.. oh.. let's just see how that goes. That will happen insyaAllah.. especially when I have something so interesting (to me and that split moment), to share.

Actually, a lot of things have been happening in my life - but I'm.. yes, I need to ponder about it more.

Bapak has an ailment - but I'm feeling and thinking positive, that insyaAllah, he'll live quite a normal life - especially after completing his treatment - insyaAllah. Ameen ameen.

I've been hoping and planning to open a cafe - it looks so positive few weeks ago, but now it's starting to look unachievable, if we do not dare to just jump into it. I wonder if that's the attitude the Chinese often take when they open big businesses. It's like a gamble to them. But for the Malays, we are often more calculative and if it does not show some clear outcome, we are quick to retreat. And that's why there are not many successful Malay businesses? I'd like to try. insyaAllah.. I'm still crunching the numbers.

Hanaa is sitting for her PSLE this year. People (especially my Chinese colleagues) are often surprised to see my 'calm' appearance when telling them that she's taking her PSLE this year. I'm not calm because she is so good in her studies. No, she has a LOT to catch up on if she wants to pass. I'm asking her to study and do revisions - but I'm not feeling stressful (alhamdulillah?) because 1) this is not the ultimate determining agent to how her life will turn out. 2) Allah has definitely set a path for her and we will do what we can right now to work, but we will accept what comes. I want her to be in a school where she'll get positive moral influence, more than I want her to be in a prestigious school, because of the stress.

For these major things that's happening now or I'm thinking/working on now, I pray that Allah will show me the right way, provide what is best for us, insyaallah. Ameen.

May Allah forgive us all our sins, prolong our life in iman, in ibadah, in health & good wealth, in humbleness, and when it's time for us to die, may we die in iman, in His redha and my our death be easy and painless. Ameen.


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