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Sunday, July 05, 2009

dying everyday

I watched michael jackson's top 40 videos - videos of him when he was young, when he was still black, when he changed his nose and then his chin. Then I thought about him now - what if he was still alive? None of those would have changed.. as in the changes he made to himself, the person he has become now.. doesn't change.

Don't we die everyday?

A part of us - our past, die everyday as we pass them, and cannot retrieve them back. At least not in our current capacity and ability. My youth days are dead. I can listen to old songs, look at old photos - but I just can't go back to them. I can even meet old friends, but how I am now, is definitely different from how I was back then. The old me, is dead. Now there's only the current me - shaped by all the things I went through and things I learnt along the way.

Even before MJ passed away, we have already lost that old MJ. That part was already long gone. Only thing is, thanks to current technology - we can enjoy the old MJ in our current time through his old videos. But the him in that video, is no longer around, for a quite long time now.

My only hope is that, for all the good messages he was giving out in his songs, the way he knows how, for the gentle soul that people who knew him, say he is (and I believe so), and for him believing in God and doing good, may Allah reward him. InsyaAllah.


MHB said...

You are right. I 'lost' my MJ a long time ago. It was never the same after Thriller. I can't bear to watch him after he turned white. As much as I love him, I just have to turn the channel when that 'white man' appears on tv. But if they show the little black kid of Jackson 5 and the guy who strut his moon walk in the Billie Jean video, then yeah... I'd be glued.

Funny you should write about this as I was just thinking this morning that perhaps I was so taken by his death due to my affiliations with him during my childhood. I was still a child of 11 when I fell in love with him... and now that he's gone, my childhood is definitely DEAD

madame blossom said...

:)hmm. sad and strange at the same time. This whole thing about past present and future.. dead and alive.

Subhanallah.. only Allah knows.

Anonymous said...

our past never dies. it just gets left behind with time. it is still part of us. our past what makes us today. it shapes our future. it is only with the past that we learn and appreciate the present. never forget your past as they are reminders for our actions now and forever.

madame blossom said...

Yes, our past shapes our future. In our perception. I meant like we acne go back to it.

P/s. Interesting fact - Based on some scientific studies, scientists wonder if our future shapes our past! (fm the book 'the fabric of the cosmos, briane Greene) :D

madame blossom said...

*acne - actually can't - iPhone corrected wrongly. :p