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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Images from childhood memories - The house in Potong Pasir.

There are some memories in my head, from childhood times, that I still remember vividly. Although I am not sure how old I was when I experienced them.

This one is, I guess, when I was between 2-4 years old perhaps. My late grandma would sometimes take me to her relative's house in Potong Pasir. I remember that house is a raised kampung house, with stairs and all around the house is white sand... lots of sand. It is also near to a small graveyard. It was quite big house - well at least to me, at that time.

I remember crying the first few times we went to the house. The owner of the house was a lady about my grandma's age. When we enter the front door, we'd see a few doors to the bedrooms. I remember vividly how one of the bedroom doors was opened, and I could see a couple in bed - the lady "berkemban", and the man shirtless. Both of them were sitting up in bed, and they'd look at me and smile. I think it was at that point that I started to cry.

Then I remember at the same house, maybe many years later, there was a wedding. And we stayed overnight, or late into the night. I remember walking to the back of the house and saw that the whole family were playing Lotto, some sitting on the stairs to the kitchen door and some family members under the wedding tent attached to the house.

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