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Monday, June 05, 2017

Arrival - the movie.

I like the movie – Arrival. It was deep – or in the words of Leen – it was deep purple.

The two main ideas relating to the story are :
1. How language also shapes our mind in comprehending our lives based on the language learned. Yes, a language can mold how we perceive life. Certain language can make us a more detailed person. Or another language, or modernized language may be more simple, and makes us think in more simplistic ways. So that’s the idea.
2. How, even knowing your whole life may not change what you will do - (or as a Muslim, we believe it does not change, because basically your whole life is already written – which is also proven scientifically in the idea that our whole life is like a block of ice – or a role of film – and we are going through our everyday, fulfilling it – but this idea is a deeper subject, for another time, if I ever get to it, insyaaAllaah).

So in any case – this movie is quite a masterpiece to me – how the whole idea was weaved into the movie and presented. You’d have to pay attention, to know what on earth is going on. The ending was subtle, and very touching to me – I cried, glued to my seat for the next few minutes, engulfed in the idea of it all.

If you are into science fiction, mind boggling movies and love language – this movie is for you.

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