Madame Blossom's Book of Poems

Monday, October 03, 2016

something about it

Hero, an ex soldier who was and still is the best in the field, is assigned as a bodyguard to watch over the daughter of a presidential candidate who suffers from panic disorder. He has to monitor the cctv images from the guard's room.

Panic disorder girl suddenly comes out from her room, which she seldom leaves, and goes down the the kitchen. He watches. The girl seem to be looking for something in the kitchen. The guy thinks, ok, maybe she's looking for a bowl. He speaks to the screen, 'check the cupboard to the left, to the left'.

Then as if she heard him, she looks to the left, but it's not the bowl she's looking for.

So she looks some more. After opening a few more cupboard doors, she sees a grocery carton box at the corner. She walks over quickly, opens the box and her face lights up. She has found it.... a packet of... RAMEN.

She is exhilarated, she smiles from ear to ear, hugs the packet of ramen and began twirling around the kitchen, to some twirling background music. It is in slow mo. Maybe she also suffers from other mental disorders.

The guy, that serious, competent, handsome ex-soldier, best in the field bodyguard, looks at this girl and is in awe. He seems to have fallen in love - fallen in love with that girl who is dancing around the kitchen hugging the packet of ramen.


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