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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The most beautiful dream! Masyaa Allaah

To cut the story short - cause I don't really recall what happened in the earlier part - I was riding on a sleigh.

Actually I was suppose to be riding in a cab driven by a pakcik, but somehow that cab turned out to be a sleigh - you know how dreams are.

Then we moved off, and I was looking up at the sky - it was the most beautiful sky I had ever seen with so many hues and colours like you'd see in northern lights.  The milliions of stars were like thousands of specks of really shiny silver in the sky.  There were spirals in the sky too - I wondered what those were.  I was exclaiming aloud - 'Subhanallaah!  Masyaa Allaah!  It's sooo beautiful!!!!" 

The sleigh went faster and faster - the pakcik was afraid, and I was busy enjoying the wind that came with the speed - passing by (or over?) a city of lights, then we were going upwards.  The pakcik (I only heard him - I didn't actually see him) - he was shouting 'eh eh! "  I was still just exclaiming with delight, at the whole scene and experience. 

Suddenly a very big wave was in front of us - pakcik shouted some more - but the wave looked beautiful to me, against the colourful sky.  I wondered if it was Qiyamah, and I felt a little bit afraid, but still exclaiming, Subhanallaah!    Another wave came - also as beautiful, and suddenly I was kind of walking on a bridge going upwards - feeling afraid, but assured that Allaah will take care of me.  I love Allaah and I know He'll take care of me. The sky was still as beautiful.

And then I was on a ship, above this beautiful dream water against the colourful sky.  I think I jumped in to swim.. and after that, I don't really recall what happened.

Masyaa Allaah.. ALHAMDULILLAAH for such a wonderful, beautiful dream!

You know, dreams are not much different from physical experiences.  Both of them, we can recall in our minds and cannot touch, but it remains as beautiful memories.

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