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Monday, May 04, 2015


It has to be the most epic film I've ever seen - in it's simplicity. Masyaa Allaah. So amazing, that this film is made over a span of 12 years, and that you actually observe the boy grow - and how life is mundane, and how it could be so empty, without a real purpose in life. They just try to survive day by day, moment by moment.

So much patience and discipline to be able to carry this out. It's what is amazing about this man, Richard Linklater, writer, director.

There was no 'climax' in this story - what is demanded of me all the time when I submit stories. I get turned off. Cause life does not necessary have climaxes.

If Allaah has written for me to make a film - I hope it's as moving and simple as this. Insyaa Allaah.

My husband, didn't like the movie. He got bored 15 mins into the film. He and I are different. I do realise, the stories I have that I wish to make into films, will not be of everyone's taste. If asked to describe the target audience - I'd say, those who enjoyed 'Before Sunrise' 'Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Boyhood' Those group of people.

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