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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What are words in today's world?

A thought today.

In this current world (I can't say I really know much about the state in the old world, but this much I know - the current world), there are more lies, exaggeration and ambiguous words intended to deceive, than there are true, honest and accurate words.

A friend was just lamenting on the number of days of maternity leave given to new mothers. The government and employers have always mentioned 4 months. This should mean that if a leave starts on 1st of March, then the person will come back to work on 1st of July.
No, they say - it's actually 112 days - 16 weeks. Why don't they just say 16 weeks to avoid all the unnecessary confusions, expectations, disappointments? They always want to sound like they are giving more, than they are actually giving.

And this is the norm. Be it in the school promoting the school's achievements, in a politician's promise, and especially in advertisements. Very rarely would you find a true, honest and accurate advertisement. What is most sad, is that, this is being taught in marketing courses as something normal to do.

Where do people of religion stand in this? People of religion, to mean those who believes in One God and the Last Day.
If we are really a person of taqwa (God-conscious - to define it loosely), then know that, not a word is uttered or a deed done, even if it be the size of an atom, that is not being recorded to be judged upon, on Judgement Day.

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