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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby's first few words/phrases

I just saw a post where someone was asking if anyone still lets their child listen to nasyid or qasidah, which reminded me of something that I was thinking about.

I wish I had had this thought when I had my first baby. Anyhow I hope it's not too late for me to instill good Islam in my children.
What's the thought? Being the long-winded me, let me explain how the thought came about and what the thought was.

I was sitting by my window one day, looking at the trees swaying gently as the wind strongly blew. I was reminded of the ayat, 'Annajmu wasshajaru yasjudaan' which roughly translate to "The stars and the trees bow (in adoration to Allah)" from Ar-Rahman 55:6.
Then I was thinking about how I can or am, albeit (very?) slowly, learning the vocabularies of the Arabic language by reading the Quran and trying to understand it through the translations. (May Allah make it easy for me. Aamiin).

Then I thought, masyaAllah if I have a baby now (not that I want..but it's a big hypothetical IF I have) I'd like to teach the baby his/her first few words from the Quran. Perhaps first word could and should be 'Allah'. Then, instead of pointing to the moon and telling the baby, 'Moon', why don't I say, for example, 'Qamar - Asshamsu wal qamaru bi husbaan'. I will not only be feeding vocabs to the baby, but also the Quran. Subhanallah.

Also instead of singing 'The wheels on a bus go round and round', why not I recite to the baby, over and over again, surah Al-Ikhlas? Reminding them, of the acknowledgement we made to Allah SWT.

Aaah.. how I wish I had known what I know (little of) now, then.

Perhaps I can do that with my grandchildren, insyaAllah.

Our Lord! Grant unto us spouse(s) and offsprings who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous. Aamiin.

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