Madame Blossom's Book of Poems

Sunday, January 16, 2011

people watching

A man is walking alone, arms folded. His wife must be shopping somewhere and he is bored waiting. 
A guy goes towards the wrong escalator side. He wants to go down but that escalator is coming up. He pretends he was looking for someone below and walks away. 
A very young couple is by the railing. The girl is sulking. The guy tries to be nice and they are too close. I hope my children will never be seen like that before marriage.
A malay couple looking at their own handphones. The girl has make up on, not too thick and she look sweet. She's in tights and T-shirt. I think my 'baby brother' would probably like her. But she doesn't seem like the.. ermm.. practising Muslim type. But who am I to think that? Dont judge a book by it's cover, they say. Anyhow, I think my brother wouldnt mind much, because he has this hope that a havoc girl may change for the better after meeting him. InsyaaAllaah. 
A man is looking at watches. Two guys came from behind and greeted him. Seems like they are buddies from a previous school or workplace or NS. 
Me, I'm a lone mother, who is people-watching out of boredom, while waiting for her girls who are in some toys/souvenir shop.

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