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Thursday, January 27, 2011

jungle book

The last time I climbed up the Bukit Timah Hill, right after work with Aida, I vomited as soon as we reached the top. At first I just felt faint, then I felt light-headed. And then I felt nauseous. And then it came out. But I felt better after that.

So today, when Aida asked me if I wanted to climb up, right after work again.. I hesitated, because I was feeling hungry. Then I thought... okay... never mind. I'll pack myself a simple sandwich and bring a bottle of water.

I met Aida downstairs, and we happily walked towards Bukit Timah Hill as I slowly ate my sandwich.

The weather was nice, and we talked about the recent hot issue among the Malays in Singapore, among other things.

There were monkeys around. Aida noticed one, walking slowly 'terkedek2' towards us. And then I realised, it's looking straight at me as it is walking. And then I realised, that... shoots! I had FOOD with me. No wonder it came straight at me.

When it reached right in front of me, it jumped onto me, trying to get my bread. I didn't want to let go, cause I was enjoying my bread and I am hungry! Aida panicked and insisted that i "let go of the bread! let go of the bread!" And so I did. :-\

The monkey took the bread and ran away, and I had only eaten about 1/5 of it. I was still hungry. We went up. I got nauseous again, and vomited again. This time only a bit.

Monyet, betul.

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