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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Science and the Quran

Many many videos and writings have been raised now about scientific findings that is mentioned in the Quran that existed more than 1400 yrs ago.

During the first few discoveries of these articles, I thought and felt - 'wow.. science has proven the Quran to be the truth!' But now, as I have, masyaAllah & alhamdulillah, become firm in my believe of The Creator, and that the Quran comes from The Creator - my line of thoughts have changed. Furthermore, reading about how scientists work - further affirm the way I think.

Scientists basically come up with conjectures, guesses. Then they do experiments to see IF their conjectures are correct. They have many times in the past, done some experiment that 'proves' their guesses to be correct - but found to be wrong later, when the experiment is done on a bigger scale or with different conditions. Scientist do know, that they do not know A LOT about the universe. They are still trying to learn. The more they learn, the more they see how unimaginably big the universe is.

They are trying to find the Theory of Everything (TOE), but only God knows the TOE.

Now, I think and say that modern science is not the guide to show if the Quran is the truth. It's the Quran that is the guide for modern science, to see if they are heading the right way, in their findings.

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