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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

The fiction book that first attracted me to quantum physics was The Testimony of Daniel Pagels. I read that a long long time ago. It tells us the story of a man wrongly convicted for murder, and saved by the testimony of a boy, who was at the murder scene - although other people have seen him at another place, at about the same time. The boy, had the ability to transport himself from one place to another - although he can't explain it himself. But the lawyer, representing the wrongly accused man, explained the possibility of this, through the mechanics of quantum physics. It's a courtroom drama novel - which I was always interested in when I was younger.

Since then, I've been amazed by 'quantum physics'.

The Time Traveler's Wife - is along the same idea of quantum physics, but it is a different kind of novel. It's a love story, that transcends over the person's space and time - about the man who travels through time - where he meets his wife, when she was young.. and she grew up knowing him, until they met each other in present time, when she was 20 and he 28.

Frankly, I've been recommended to read The Time Traveler's Wife since 2 years ago. But the thought of spending time to read a fiction, when there is a good non-fiction book to read.. is pushed to the lowest priority. But now, for now.. and at last, I have decided to go get the book and read it. I don't regret it. :)

I'm touched by Clare's perseverence in waiting for the next meeting with her husband-to-be, and perserverence though the husband's disappearance every now and then - and the ethics of knowing or not knowing about the future - and about how even knowing it, cannot change anything because it's fated (and this is according to what I believe - so the bias). But this (i.e. fate, and the inability to change the future) was also proven scientifically in the non-fiction arena, and presented in the most layman-terms possible, in the book 'Fabric of the Cosmos' - which also had me in awe of the vastness of God's logics, in His creations - something that can NEVER be fully grasped by the human mind.

And this whole idea of it, made me more attracted to The Time Traveler's Wife book - besides the romantic part of getting to know a person, all his/her life. People may say, this is NOT a reality.

Yes, it may not be. But then again, this is as unreal, as our life on earth, if you ask me. We do get carried away by mundane daily issues and feelings.. that we always don't see the BIG picture, the insignificance of our being in relation to the universe and the logic that is beyond our understanding. Subhanallah.


Anyway.. I love and enjoyed the book. :) Apparently, there is the movie, in the making - and they have picked Eric Bana to act as Henry the time traveler. Based on the description of Henry in the book - I think Eric Bana is suitable. The vision that I like most about the movie (they have some pictures out.. but no trailers yet, as of now) - is the picture of the 30+ old Henry, with his 'future'-wife when she's 6 yr old, sitting in the Meadow. I think I'm looking forward to the movie.

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