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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

To bake a cake..

normal lah down here. trying to squeeze every deadline like squeezing juice out of a lemon (or an orange, or any other squeezable fruit of your liking). on top of that, adding new projects and deadlines lagi. Ceh.. never use the blain.. where can!? If you need 45 minutes to bake a cake, then you have to take at least 45 minutes to bake it to perfection lah! if you do it in a shorter time, terbantutlah cake. Then, if you want the cake to be nicely decorated lagi.. then u need to give more time for creativity lah kan? sigh.. manusia, manusia...

All the money used to send them to project management courses.. goes down the drain. Langsung tak berkesan. Actually ah.. it all boils down to plain empathy - the goodness of a heart - back to spirituality and Islam. Surely, wanting for your bros (and sis') what you'd want for yourself - one of the many good teachings in Islam - would help solve a LOT of issues. E.g. unreasonable requests and deadlines.

Another hadith states - When a Muslim does a job, do it with kesungguhan. These are some of the true qualities that a good Muslim should possess and therefore make us an exemplary worker. Akhirat dapat, dunia pun tak lepas.

So.. still carrying on from what I'm learning in Islam, this is all a challenge.. to test my patience. InsyaAllah.. I shall perservere, with Allah's help.

Oklah gasak korang lah.. I do what I can, dilligently, to the best of my ability.

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