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Friday, January 27, 2006

Da Bomb, not the Ruffedge song.. i mean I got that term from that song, but it's nothing to do with a beautiful female. By the way.. 'da bomb' in that song always gives me the impression of a lady who has a more than average size boobs, wearing sexy clothes long hair, thick make up and probably with low IQ. That's only my imagination lah..

But, but the topic of concern here is about the 'cake that I was baking'. The project that was forced to be completed within a ridiculous lead time..considering all the other junks they throw on the vendors. The programming was completed by our vendors the night before it was supposed to be deployed to LIVE.. (but this programmer also poor thing lah.. everything also he must do... where can he find time??? he needs to sleep and eat also leh!)

The users had no time to test it. My boss, let's call this character DAVE - says that we should deploy it. I said ' don't you want to wait for users to complete testing and wait for their approval?' He said, 'Never mind, deploy first.' Fine, we did.

And all hell NEARLY breaks lose the next day - da bomb. This stupid rushed program, caused the whole system to go into snail gear!! And yesterday was suppose to be closing day. The whole day was spent trying to rectify the situation. And in the evening, I got a call from the IT Head and she tells me.. did you let users test? why deploy it and the end of the month? kaza wa kaza.. I wonder if she has spoken to Dave. I just 'a-ah' kan aje. because I hate to point fingers here and there. Now I FEEL GUILTY and I don't know why I should!!!!! Ceh!!!..

Nasib baik, i have the long holidays to take a break with. I'll survive, insyaAllah.

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