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Friday, May 12, 2017

within my neurons - near Jumuah prayers : Dilemma in arts

I had an ustaz who told me to pursue my interest in making films and stories.   He said, we need somebody in that area.  There are so many worthless entertainment materials or some even misleading ones out there - we need to inject some good ones.  

He told me that, when I said I had some interest in teaching.  He said, we have many teachers already (in Singapore), but we don't have many people with some Islamic influences in the media area.

I have a few reasons (excuses?) that I am reluctant to do so, and one of the bigger reasons is, I don't know if I am strong enough to stand firm.   But then again, this is a jihad in itself right?  A struggle within myself - to be firm and hold my station.  A person is better rewarded when he is out there facing others, than sitting alone at home, in his own world. Hmmph.

Another reason or thought that I had was, 'what can my one or few small films / dramas do, in this ocean of nonsense.  This reminds me of what I read in Hikayat Abdullah, by Munshi Abdullah - he mentioned about his experience in advising people - "it's like pouring a glass of fresh water into the sea and expecting it to be less salty."  I thought about that idea in the literal sense, and found it funny. :D

Anyway, back to the story of my life - and so sometimes I feel like it's a losing battle.    And also, I did see a few good drama ideas being produced locally already.  Do I need to do more?

However now that I have wrote that 'excuse' down - I know I should not think that.  If I am a true Muslim, I should not think of it as a losing battle.  Even at the end of time, on the day that the world will come to an end, we are still asked to plant a seed/sapling if we can.  (Source :

I would also advise myself, that even if the story moves or inspires just one person to do good, that is rewarding already for me.   And of course, as Allaah tells Rasulullaah SAW, mentioned in the Quran,  our obligation is to remind them, and not to change them.  

Right.  This is me.  I tell myself my problems and I give myself answers.  
Sometimes, it still helps when you have someone to nudge you right?
And alhamdulillaah,  I have that someone. <3

In conclusion - let me go back to finishing my story idea for a TV drama.  
Pray for me that Allaah let me finish it and it will be accepted by that media company.

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