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Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Take time, analyse honestly and deep in your heart, what your intention and your thoughts were, when you call people derogatory names,
e.g. with words that describe a person negatively?

Is it a form of arrogance, that you're not like that?
Though you do have a lot of other flaws, you know - one of them being ignorance.

You think it's just a 'harmless' joke? 'gurau-gurau aje'?

But you HAVE hurt the person's feelings, whether you admit it or not, and it will be accounted for in akhirah.

As for the person on the receiving end, Allah will reward you for patiently taking the crap and forgiving them for their ignorance.


Al-Manar said...

Salaam hormat to you and family.
If I had your email address you would have received from me a long mail of apology. Seeing yor visit to my latest posting brought home the fact that I had deseted your blog. It is just human. We attend to those who show up, except those on e-mail list. Forgive me, dear lady.

You write about the same number of entries per month, around four or five. Unlike some bloggers you do not concentrate on specific topics; recipe, pets, children, ugama etc. A bit of each makes me wish to visit as and when free.

I very much agree with your views on this entry and the later one on e-mail. It seems common sense but you are pointing out as a reminder to some.

Do come around, keeping me curious what dish you have prepared for your visitors.

madame blossom said...

Salaam Pakcik,

Besides myself, I believe you are my only regular audience. :p

Thank you.