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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to ask for true guidance?

When a person feels lost, amidst the confusing claims and acts of people around them. Perhaps people who claim to be pious, but they see so much that does not make sense, they should seek help for true guidance, from God.

When you pray asking for true guidance, you need to pray earnestly and sincerely to the One God who Created you.
Direct, between you and God. No intermediaries.

Once you pray to others (thing or person), e.g. thinking or saying things like 'Jesus, if you're there, please show me and guide me' - then Syaitan, the avowed enemy, will gladly come to ensure that you proceed to believe what you were thinking. And it is easy for him to appear as whatever would move the person.

Another important thing we need to have is a concept of God, the Supreme.
He is UNLIKE any of His creations. (Means He is not like a man, a tree, an animal etc). Astaghfirullah.
God is far greater and superior to any of His creations. And He created the Universe. Subhanallah.

God gave us a brain for a reason. To use our intellect, to think and ponder about His existence, to be reflecting upon the creations around us and the creation that is us.

May we be guided. Aamiin.

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