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Sunday, April 10, 2011

All sorts of men.

"I've rarely said the word 'Lord', unless it's followed by 'of the Rings'. I don't often say 'God' without preceding it with 'Oh my' - from the book 'The Year of Living Biblically. A.J. Jacobs.

Yup, I accidentally read the first few chapters of this book again. I wanted to just check on the author, but ended up reading cause it's insightful and funny.

Funny, but true. For a lot of people. Of course Muslims in Singapore, when they speak of religion, they speak in Malay mostly, and when they refer to the Lord, they say it in Arabic - 'Ya Rabb'

I wanted to post this on my FB status, but then I'm afraid, it might cause a lot of confusion to people who may still be thinking that 'Lord' refers to the omputeh (western's) God, as oppose to Rabb or Allah - refers to THE God that we worship.

Which reminds me of people in the public who are always complaining about what MUIS (Singapore Islamic Religious Council) do or don't do - say or don't say. They think that MUIS can be like any layman, especially those who blurt out complains without thinking of after effects? They have a lot more to consider - public's perceptions, Government's reactions, if what people are demanding them to do is THAT important in the first place to jeopardise all that they are working towards?

But this is life on earth. We can't expect every man to understand and every man to know. There are other things I may not understand and I may not know. Fact : there exists all sorts of men.

unplugged and kind of written in a stupor.

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